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Outdoor Activities | Recreation Activities | Nature Studies

The following activities are designed to teach students about the outdoor elements. We strive to provide lessons and activites that are best done using the elements of nature. We have carefully chosen the following activites because we feel like we can provide students with the appropriate information in a way that is comprehendable and fun.

*All activites are designed to take place within a one hour rotation.


In this activity participants will learn the basics of archery. Archery includes identifying the different parts of the bow and arrow, learning the skills of stringing a bow and loading, releasing, and retrieving arrows.

*Grades: 5th and up


Participants will use skills such as balance, control, and coordination to ride a mountain board (modified skate board with large wheels) down a hill while standing or sitting. During this time, participants will wear a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards to safely and enjoyably ride down the hill.

*This may be combined with our bungee to make an even more thrilling ride called “Bungee Dirtboarding”.

**Grades: 5th and up

Disc Golf

The objective of this activity is two-fold. The first allows participants to learn different ways to throw a Frisbee disc. The second allows for participants to enjoy a round of golf while developing hand eye coordination , and depth perception.

*Grades: 3rd and up

Night Hike

Night hikes provide the opportunity for participants to experience camp’s grounds in a different light. Hikers will be guided throughout our various wooded nature trails and experience the beauty of the moon as it guides their path.

*Grades: 3rd and up


A timeless camp activity, orienteering combines compass use and map reading. During the participants’ time, they will identify different parts of a compass, learn how to read a compass, and understand how to read a map. At the end of their time, participants will put these skills to use and do some orienteering to navigate to different locations on camp grounds.

*Grades: 5th and up

Slingshot Paintball Biathlon

This outdoor challenge activity offers participants the opportunity to combine fun with teamwork. Each team is given a slingshot and a satchel of paintballs. Team members must take turns loading and shooting at targets as they run through the timed course.

*Grades: 5th and up