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[Encounter Camps]

At Camp Manitoqua, we believe that learning should cause excitement, not yawns. Encounter Camps provide opportunities, on an introductory level, for campers to explore new interests and develop skills in each area. In an environment that welcomes growth and acceptance, campers will uncover God’s story and the possibilities of His creation in their lives and the lives of others. Overnight Encounter Camps also participate in classic camp activities in the evening.

Encounter Day Camp 

Extreme Sports (6th - 8th)

Experience the thrill of the wind in your hair, speeding down winding trails, and maneuvering over obstacles. During the three days, you will explore different extreme sports. You will be able to street luge, skim board, glide down a zip line and much more! Experience the rush of the adrenaline during the day and the thrill of knowing God's word each night. 

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summer speedballPaintball (7th - 9th)

This three-day camp will get you on our woodsball field in the morning to learn strategy, teambuilding, and have fun! Each afternoon you will enjoy some free time, team building, and Bible time. 

*This week includes paintball markers, a mask, and 2,000 paintballs. 

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Team Sports (4th - 6th)

In this thrilling sports camp, there will be an in-depth hands-on look at three different sports (baseball, football, and basketball). You will walk away from this experience with the skills and confidence in moving onto the next level, all the while learning the gifts and abilities God has blessed you with. 

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Overnight Encounter Camp 

CampfireAdventure (6th - 8th)

Discover the adventure of the outdoors while learning new skills and techniques in orienteering, climbing, shelter construction, and fire building. Become more knowledgeable of our native environment as new skills are put to the challenge at Kankakee River State Park. The three-day experience will close with a climbing event in which families and campers are invited to participate.

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Paintball (7th - 9th)

Gear up for an exciting three days of learning paintball strategies, teamwork, and fun! You and your team will practice and play during this camp to win the final scenario. You will learn the importance of working as a team in a fun high energy setting! By day you will be a paintball master and by night you will enjoy camp activities and diving into God's word.
*This week includes paintball markers, a mask, and 3,000 paintballs. 

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